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Posted by Joe Walkowski (WNYTC, ORCA) [] on Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 12:22PM :

MT5 Two old vintage fishing booklets- NYS Guide & Ontario regulations (lures, baits, when, etc) AND a free dime!

Sponsored by the Genesee Brewing Company, Rochester, NY, these guides for the Louis Wehle Contest were well know to New York fishermen since 1945. Given out by tackle dealers, bait stores, gas stations, bars, they did a lot to boost the enthusiasm of the NY fishermen! Winners for each of 12 fish species was $60! This is the 1954 edition. Interesting part was info on all the past years winners- where they caught it, when, even what tackle they used! I just noticed, the 12th Place Brook Trout came from a little creek a couple blocks away from my house! It now runs through a golf course!

The Ontario Canada 1954 Fishing License/Regulations booklet lists all the seasons, rules, baits allowed, sizes, etc. Even back then, Canadian fishing regulations were very complicated. Interestingly enough, the purchaser was from Buffalo, NY (Like me!) and it was sold in Britt, Ont (near where I fished many times!)! Also interesting are the “Fish Coupons”- each one listing a species of fish and how many you’re allowed to take out of Ontario. I guess this was to prevent fish hogs from hauling tons of fish out of the province. I think if an officer stopped you and counted the fish you were taking home, you’d better have a coupon for each bunch! I don’t know when they stopped that. The dime! There was a Canadian dime stuck in this book! It is from 1950 (I think), it is beat up beyond belief! Might have been put on the RR track? Maybe the fisherman’s “lucky coin”? I’ll throw that in with the booklets!

Terrific info and reading in these old booklets! Nice display with old tackle, too, like with that rod and reel on the cover of the NY Guide. (Yes, gentlemen, she’s fishing- look up at the rod and reel she’s holding!).

Yes, that’s a lady fishing in a maid’s outfit on the cover of the NY Guide! A bit risque- not exactly appropriate attire for fishing in a boat.

$40 shipped. Check, MO, Paypal. Email with method of payment and mailing address. If you have an interest but you think my price is unreasonbaly high, make an offer! I'll consider and will reply. Thanks for look. Best--- Joe Walkowski WNYTC, ORCA)

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