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Posted by Joe Walkowski (WNYTC, ORCA) [] on Sunday, April 15, 2018 at 11:40AM :

Great group of old fly fishing tackle- all from the same fisherman. From what his granddaughter says, it’s all from the 1940- 1950’s. He lived in Mass, but often went to the Maine lakes to trout fish. Probably for those famous, big, Maine Brookies, or Squaretails! The steamers in the bunch would seem to bear that out! This group of stuff was probably purchased in both states.

Featured is the genuine leather fly book with the felt pads. Marked only “3575” but it’s a nice, quality piece of work! Been used, some of the felt is wrinkled and shows evidence of flies being put in and taken out. Two snaps are good. Overall in very good, used condition!

In the fly book are 15 loose streamer flies-- well made, commercially hand tied I think, and in good condition! I recognize some of the patterns and they are typical of what would have been used for Brook Trout in Maine, probably trolled in a Lake. Many of these flies were made with real Junglefowl Eyes”-- NOT the synthetic ones! Try finding some of those now!

There are also 9 Streamers in cellophane of the same style as above. The cello is getting “crispy”. There’s one on a card marked Enakee”- I have no idea about that name!

The aluminum fly box is a little different than the common ones. It has a double row of aluminum combs with “teeth” spaced close together. Made to hold gut-snelled flies on those short little leaders. These are from old time silkworm gut, NOT from nylon! There are 15 quality wet flies in the box, also of the type that would be used for Trout. The box has been scuffed on both sides, but that might clean up?

Also are two “Expert” gut leaders from Sears, Roebuck, & Co.”.

This is a REAL time-capsule, capturing the outfit an angler might have taken with him in a trip to the Maine Lakes for Brook Trout 70 years ago- everything but the rod and reel! I asked, but the granddaughter said they had been given away long ago.

$80 shipped. Check, MO, Paypal. Email with method of payment and mailing address. If you have an interest but you think my price is unreasonbaly high, make an offer! I'll consider and will reply. Thanks- and I hope this stuff goes to someone who'll appreciate it. Best--- Joe Walkowski WNYTC, ORCA)

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-- Joe Walkowski (WNYTC, ORCA)
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