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Posted by Kevin Virden [] on Monday, March 12, 2018 at 9:34AM :

I was invited to do a radio phone interview with the host of Buckeye Sportsman presented by Cabelas. The host Dan Armitage, read my book Fred Arbogast: The Biography of Akron's Greatest Angler and really enjoyed it. We are doing a phone interview this Wednesday, March 14 at 12:30 - 1:00 p.m. I believe it will be broadcast on March 17! I look forward to talking with Dan about the book, local history, and other projects I have taken on about local and regional Ohio history. It should be fun! If you have interest in listening, here is the link to affiliate and airtimes. He does a weekly broadcast on outdoors issues, etc. and it is a really good show.


Kevin Virden
Akron, Ohio
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Thought I would take an inventory and make a list of what books I have either finished writing or have nearly done. All but three of these are complete, and the others are nearly complete from my stand point. Three are co-authored while all the others I have researched, written, and edited photographs, illustrations, and documentation. It has been a really fun streak of writing. I'm glad I'm finishing up stuff and going to keep this as a hobby. It's been a rough, but enjoyable journey.

-Fred Arbogast: A Biography of Akron's Greatest Angler- Published 2017
-Fred Arbogast: A Metal Fishing Lure Collector's Guide- Being Edited 2018
-The Fred Arbogast Company: A Corporate History 1925-1947 and Biography Extras- Being partially published in the Fishing for History Magazine, then later as an independent book-
-The Fred Arbogast Company, Incorporated: A Plastic and Later Wooden Fishing Lure and Tackle Collector's Guide 1940-2018
-Akron, Ohio's Fishing Tackle Manufacturer's History
-The Fred A. Pardee and Samuel H. Friend Story with Mystery of the Trory Minnow
-Al Foss: The Life and Fishing Lures of the Pork Rind King- Going or at the Printer 2018
-Al Foss: A Court Case vs. James Heddon and Sons -co-authored
-Al Foss: Ephemera and Biography Extras
-Pflueger History- co-authored
-Ohio's Angling, Conservation, and Tournament Casting Club History
-Portage County, Ohio's Outdoor Heritage, Conservation, and Fishing Tackle
-The Crème Lure Company: A History and Family Legacy
-The History and Development of the Plastic / Rubber Artificial Worm Fishing Tackle Industry
-A History of the American Fork and Hoe / True Temper: Sporting Goods Leaders
-Tournament Casting Equipment: A Historical Look and Collector's Materials- co-authored

-- Kevin Virden
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