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Posted by Joe Walkowski (WNYTC, ORCA) [] on Thursday, December 07, 2017 at 11:23AM :

A bit out of the ordinary, I think. Left is likely homemade, but very well crafted! Center has an "arrowhead" paint design! Is that South Bend? Third looks very old- celluloid or bakelite with a pair of little brass "wings" at the front. My guess is that the wings were designed to keep the plug from catching in the grass when reeling it back in? Sort of like grass-deflectors? They practiced in grass, right? Not in parking lots.

For the curiosity seeker: all three for $30 shipped. Paypal, ck, MO to first email with method of payment and mailing address. Thanks for the look- Best--- Joe Walkowski (WNYTC ORCA)

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-- Joe Walkowski (WNYTC, ORCA)
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