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Posted by Todd Marquart [] on Wednesday, December 06, 2017 at 2:12AM :

Sorry if I am coming across sad but my father is working his butt off caring for my mom. The onset was sudden and unexpected...she got gastro problems and then, not being able to eat without discomfort, we found out about the cancer. She has had one chemo and next week another...plugged into a port at the hospital and then a pump to put toxins in her 48 hours after at home...two weeks ago and again next Tues. Please, I beg of thee, seeing dad's eyes light up at the lures, I implore you to sell me a brochure if you have one. I am....IN A WORD...DESPERATE! The cancer is not benign and aggressive--it has already metastasized to the liver and liver cancer has an almost zero survivability--my dad needs this...not I. Please take him back to his youth and grant him strength. Only you can do it.
God Bless All Of You,
A Saddened Son...Todd Marquart

-- Todd Marquart
-- signature Vevz2.

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