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Posted by Todd Marquart [] on Wednesday, December 06, 2017 at 1:51AM :

My father worked his apprenticeship at the aforementioned place. I have tons of info about Mull Tool and wanted to write an article for the Gazette about Raymond A. Mull and his numerous patents... the lures were an after thought. R A Mull was my father's uncle and he--my dad, 78--has bestowed upon me so much info that it is priceless. I own many things that were not patented by R A and that is amazing as well. His story is equally amazing.
But then, my life fell apart...divorce, son and daughter and wife all gone...get to re-buy my house. A setback, yes, but a stoppage, no. My brother who buys and sells from rummages to Christie's is very savvy on knowing what is worth money. A savant, a person who knows stuff from Shinola, he spots dirt from gold. Long story short, he found a Mull Tool Works Ad and rubbed it in my dad's face. Last week I found 161 Skitterminnos in a box and bought them...size 7. My dad was ecstatic about the purchase (memories). Dad has Dolly bobbers, merminnos and also skitterminnows in in the original celluloid tubes but he doesn't have the brochure and his size 7 minnows--in tubes with caps--lacked hooks. I fixed that quickly. I offered the entire box to dad. This man has been my hero ever since he went to work and made a brass gear to replace a plastic one that broke in my toy as a kid. Tears and more tears won him over. He can make anything as a toolmaker. I love him unconditionally. Guys, my mom is dying. A month ago we learned she had colon and liver cancer (aged 75). I'm going to lower my rule of being a big strong man and take a knee here. I beseech you to find it in you heart to sell me a Mull Tool Brochure. I want to give it to my dad for Christmas. I owe him that, I owe his father for my love of lures. I'm indebted beyond measure to these gents and I once again beseech anyone who has an ad to respond. Dad is now doing, cleaning...yard work. I'm helping but he is born in 39, I in 71. My marriage failed...he is my HERO!!!!

-- Todd Marquart
-- signature Vevz2.

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