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Posted by Tom Witte [] on Tuesday, December 05, 2017 at 12:41PM :

29 years ago (yes, that's 1988) I was still a couple of years away from hearing of the NFLCC and finding Streater's Bible. I had a room full of tackleboxes and gear and wanted to get them displayed somehow. I found some large peg boards at the surplus division at work (Univ of Iowa) and nailed them to the wall in what is now my lure room. This lure came from a big possum belly I got at an estate sale in 88 and I hung it on the wall with my favorite color lures, bar perch. After a few more years of education I realized this wasn't a Heddon product. I had all my bar perch in display cases by then but I had a dozen or so bar perch pieces that weren't Heddon which I left hanging on the wall. Slowly over the years I've parted them out to collectors as they weren't 'in my collection.' After reading Harold Smith's book on Specials (and even having donated a couple of pics) I remembered this Striper Pikie and pulled it off the wall to compare to the 6800s in the book and realized it was most likely painted by the same employee. Take a look, compare, enjoy, and let me know your thoughts. If somebody needs this maybe we can come to a deal, the box I picked up after reading the Specials book and you can just make out "68??" on the box end.

-- Tom Witte
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