Sonny Molina Folkart style lures FS! Must see

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Posted by Joe Walkowski (WNYTC, ORCA) [] on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 12:24PM :

These were made by Sonny Molina in Illinois about 10 years ago. I don’t believe Sonny is making many right now.

Handcarved, wooden, and painted in an old folk-art style, imaginative, creative, sometimes whimsical, and real things of beauty! Glass eyes, multiple line-tie! Each with a slide top box, usually with his signature “fly” at the nose. These are actually hand “painted”-- the paint is put on purposely and deliberately in an artistic way, not just gobbed or smeared on randomly. These show the real skill and talent of an artist! One of his lures should certainly win some category in the contest at next summer’s bationals!

The pics are of a Brown Duck, a Peacock Bass, an Ermine, and a Pike or Musky. I’m selling these at $35 each + $8 shipping. Email me if interested. Hope you enjoyed the pics! Best---- JoeWalkowski

As a note: I was told this is the Sonny Molina who now owns world records for running marathons... barefooted!? Is this true? Can someone verify this for me? Click the link below.

Brown Duck:
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Peacock Bass:
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Pike or Musky:
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-- Joe Walkowski (WNYTC, ORCA)
-- signature uJRK8.

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