Ten Little Sac baits for sale

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Posted by Larry Wolfe [] on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 12:10PM :

a) Special, non-cataloged "Copperhead"; 2012 bait in a sunrise box. Paper insert is signed by Lanier. $75.00
b) Special, non-cataloged "LUMINOUS Green Crackleback"; 2013 bait in a signed silver box. $50.00
c) "Blue Rainbow"; 2013 bait in a signed silver box. $45

Musky-size Nianguas:
a) "Canary"; 2014 bait in a silver box. $45
b) 2 separate ones in "Burnt Lava" (one has more olive than the other); 2014 baits in black boxes. #26 & #32 of 40 made. $45.00 each

Regular-size Nianguas:
a) 2 separate ones in "Fireglow"; 2006 color. One is in a sunset box signed by Lanier & other is in a silver box. $40 each

Bass Zombies:
a) Luminous with silver spots; 2015 bait in a black box. $35.00
b) Light gray/white marble; 2013 bait in a black box. $35.00

$5.00 each for shipping, unless several ones are purchased.

I will reply to emails IN THE ORDER IN WHICH THEY WERE RECEIVED. I know that due to having several ones here, there is a myriad of combinations of what people may possibly want . . . I will sell each IN THE ORDER IN WHICH PEOPLE SAY "I WILL TAKE THUS AND SO." So, do not get angry if you email saying you want several, but someone else has emailed before you and one or two are already spoken for.

PayPal preferred.

-- Larry Wolfe
-- signature M79DX.

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