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Posted by Tim Clancy [] on Friday, August 11, 2017 at 5:05PM :

In Reply to: Help with Donaly Collection ID posted by Mark Hatfield [] on Friday, August 11, 2017 at 1:34PM :

Bloomfield so each could have a WOW, Jersey WOW, Diver or Redfin Floater (large or small on each).

The one on the left looks very much like the earlier Newark Box that came along the time of the Redfin Minnow, Catchum Big Bait and The Weedless all in Picture boxes. The Weedless was put up in the Redfin Minnow Picture box. I truthfully think that one may be earlier than the two cleaner boxes and most likely should have an early Redfin Floater w/ the brass top attached to aluminum props that are a bit cruder and unmarked. It could even have gem clip hook hangers.

Best I can tell, is when he was low on boxes he ordered new ones and he had no idea folks like us would be trying to figure it out 100 years later. I don't think he cared what was on it, because you see him switch back and forth between Jim and James. There are several more versions than the three shown here. I remember when I was big in Donalys holding all of the various boxes and lining them up and trying to figure which one came in what order and there was no rhyme or reason.

I remember Chris Darah had a Donaly bait where Mrs. D had painted a shore pattern on one side and on the other side was a completely different pattern. The bait was right as rain, after a while of holding a lot of them in your hand you could tell her brush strokes. You might think that they could be easily faked but they're really not. Most Donaly collectors can tell a repaint from a mile away. But that one Chris had was definitely a legit Donaly paint job. She must have got interrupted and picked up the bait and just started to paint a different pattern. I'm sure he still has it.

That is a real fun company to collect and you've got a lot of nice examples. Tim Clancy Lake Hopatcong NJ

-- Tim Clancy
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