Nature in Life & Nature in Death Louis Rhead

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Posted by Matt Lollman [] on Friday, August 11, 2017 at 2:06PM :

This Louis Rhead Obituary was printed by the same newspaper the Rhead had penned and contributed for decades earlier. His range was from fly Fishing the Gentleman's Trout to landing the Gamy Black Bass and wrestling the Muskie from the deep. Rhead was born in England in 1857 and would pass in 1926 at the age of 69. Rhead lived a life befitting of his talents, how ironic or apropos was it then "Nature" something that gave Rhead purpose, subject and a foundation of which to use for inspiration would ultimately be mentioned in the casualty of his death. For Rhead, nature, and the species it's cast of characters within, would provide a lifes study, a lifes work. Rhead was an artist in the true purest sense, for his expressions were not only displayed and read during his life, but generations after his death. From Children to Anglers to Naturalists the subject and audience & world would benefit. 


-- Matt Lollman
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