Creek Chub Surfster Info And Garrett Special

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Posted by Michael A Kechkaylo [] on Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 7:28PM :

It is always a pleasure to read all the info provided by collectors on this board. The knowledge received over the years has been invaluable to say the least, and from time to time, I likewise share info. No matter how simple or complex. Also. I appreciate the number of calls I receive from collectors asking for additional information, and always glad to help.

Can’t believe it, but it has been 40 years since I started collecting, with my main interest being Creek Chub….particularly the (18) Silver Flash paint pattern. Since that time, I have put together a CCBCO 18 collection, including known variations and it seems even after 40 years…I find or learn something new. The internet has certainly been beneficial in obtaining and sharing info. Wish I had the internet 40 years ago and/or the reference books we have today. The following is a simple but obscure variation sample.

Anyway. I received a call the other day asking me if CCBCO always painted red around the eyes on Silver Flash Surfsters….particularly the 7218 (preg body) series. Two years ago I would have said yes. Since last year I would have said no. Last year I picked up a 7218 TE Preg body surfster with NO RED around the eyes, and another one this year. Yes. I have seen standard pikie 700s with a surfster lip with no red around the eyes but not the 7218 preg body.

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First photo shows three SF 7218s in TE. Top lure is the typical 1960s early 1970s SF 7218 Preg body with red around the eyes. The bottom two lures are 7218s Preg body in TE with NO RED around the eyes, and with standard pikie lips. Judging by the quality of the paint finish (and flitter) AND hardware, these two surfsters were made in the late 1970s.

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Second photo shows the belly cups. Note that the two later surfsters have SMALL belly cups. In fact. The holes in the wood body were drilled larger for the standard cups but fitted with small improper sized cups. Sloppy. They used lure bodies they had on hand, utilizing hardware they had on hand. Some of you may recall the info provided by Doc Smith at the seminar and/or in his new book. In the late 1970s, Creek Chub slapped lures together in anticipation of a financial sales boom to the company, which turned into a bust. I spoke with an ex CCBCO employee not too long ago about the quality of the lures during this time period. Lures were manufactured in vast quantities, ignoring quality control. Existing lure bodies were hastily painted and utilized what hardware they had on hand. It did not matter that hardware did not fit properly or steps in painting were ignored. In addition. There were quite a number of lure bodies on hand that were already painted from long ago, and simply were assembled.

Thus. It appears that these two NON RED EYE 7218s were from this time period when the sun set on the Creek Chub dynasty. I never knew these variations existed for 38 years. The following is a lure in my collection that did not make the new CCBCO book in time.

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I have been fortunate enough to obtain quite a number of lures from the Garrett area, particularly for my CCBCO Silver Flash collection. The lure below came from the Garrett area which is quite a unique item. Perhaps a proto or Friday afternoon special. Measuring 3.75 inches in length, this lure is quite a unique lure having characteristics from both the Creek Chub line and Shur Strike line. Time frame of production of this lure is estimated from the mid-1960s to the 1970s. CCBCO DD lip and a later non-hyphenated rear prop. Also note the small hook cups. I have put this lure through its tests and showing it to other CCBCO experts, this lure is thumbs up legit. Plus from where this lure originated and the collector who picked it.

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There are some Creek Chub collectors that still believe that Creek Chub always used hyphenated props. A solid NO on this, as an example seen on a later TE 3500 in the photo below.

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If you have any info on this Creek Chub/Shur Strike Special lure, please let me know. Hope this info helps and all my best, Michael #18 Kechkaylo. OH. Still looking for THE LAST cataloged Silver Flash lure I need for my SF CCBO Collection. A legit 1818 Five Hook Underwater Minnow in E- or better. Thanks in advance.

-- Michael A Kechkaylo
-- signature S0zJZ.

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