Zebco 33s WTD at Nats see message....

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Posted by Mike Pollock [] on Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 9:14PM :

Took our 6 year old to a fishing clinic put on by the Missouri Department of Conservation last weekend. It was hosted by four senior citizens that were all volunteers. The head guy was a very enthusiastic older gentlemen that also tries to do the maintenance on all the equipment. Long story short they are definitely lacking good usable stuff. I offered to round up a few Zebco 33s, because he can work on them and are easy for kids to use, to help out the cause. I already have a few I am going to donate but if you any 33s that you would be willing to DONATE to a good cause please bring them to the Nats and I will donate them to the MDC fishing clinics in the name of antique tackle collectors & the NFLCC. Thanks if you can help!

-- Mike Pollock
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