Shakespeare Creek Chub Injured Minnow......

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Posted by Michael A Kechkaylo [] on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 9:46PM :

Being a diehard Creek Chub collector...especially in the Silver Flash paint pattern. It is interesting to read and hear about the Shakespeare and Creek Chub connection. Both worked with each other in a number of areas including painting and even hardware. Very rarely...I will come across a Creek Chub lure with Shakespeare hardware. Kind of a minor thing but interesting none the less. Always looking for something to add to my CCBCO Silver Flash collection in which I have invested 40 years to this collection, so I look for the minor oddities to get my Silver Flash Fix.

This NIB Creek Chub 1518 has never been fished. I just picked this one up from a seller who sells most anything but rarely lures. This NOS CCBCO even has the box catalog, and this lure was made about 1952-1954 judging by the era SF paint, box, and box catalog. Looks like a typical 1518 NIB...but both the front and back props are stamped SHAKESPEARE SLIM-JIM HONOR BUILT. Lure is mint. Never been fished. So. Who knows...if this lure was painted at Creek Chub and assembled at Shakespeare. Did Creek Chub need props and got them from Shakespeare. Manufacturing glitch? Maybe will never know but I do know the lure has not been tampered with (prop switch) for who would take the time anyway. I know this is not a high dollar rarity but interesting history to share, and also a little oddity to my SF collection. Pics below of this 1518. Any other info on other CCBCO lures with Shakepeare parts and the manufacturing connection would be helpful. See ya at the Nationals. Michael #18 Kechkaylo
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